Audio-Visual NFT Collection
Project Overview
I successfully brought Warner Records' and Bose into the Web 3 space with a groundbreaking, generative music and art NFT collection.

Spearheading the creative direction and art, I built a collection of 5,000 3D toys, which were brought to life with music produced by Warner Records signed artists, The Stickmen Project.
“Toys play a huge role in everyone’s lives, so we decided to bring them into the Web3 playground where creations are only limited by imagination.”
- Joey Tadiar - Hypebeast (2022)
The journey of creating Stickmen Toys, an NFT project for Warner Records, was not without its challenges. As a first-time project in the web 3 space, working with a big corporate brand like Warner Records was no small feat. But with determination, creativity, and a willingness to adapt, the people behind Stickmen Toys were able to turn this ambitious project into a reality.

One of the main challenges faced by the team was navigating the vastly different strategies required for marketing in the web 3 space compared to the traditional methods used in web 2. In the world of NFTs, it's not just about promoting a product or service, it's about creating a community, generating buzz, and building relationships with collectors.

In addition to this, working with multiple teams across different brands and industries added a layer of complexity to the project. It required careful coordination, effective communication, and a deep understanding of each team's unique goals and objectives.

Despite these challenges, the Stickmen Toys project proved to be a resounding success. Combining the power of music and art, this unique NFT collection captured the hearts of fans and collectors alike, while also pushing the boundaries of what was possible in the world of web 3.

Looking back on this journey, it's clear that the Stickmen Toys project was not just about creating NFTs, but about creating a movement. It was about breaking down barriers, bridging the gap between traditional and modern marketing strategies, and paving the way for a new era of digital art and music collaboration. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this groundbreaking project, and we proved that anything is possible when you believe in the power of creativity and collaboration.
Creative Director
Feb 2022 — Mar 2023