Remo’s Mission to the Moon is the first in a series of children's books by Joseph Tadiar.

One little boy’s imagination sparks a series of adventures to distant planets and faraway galaxies.

Fuelled by boundless imagination, Mio builds a magnificent spaceship – entirely from cardboard. Through the power of make-believe, he brings his cuddly alien companion, Remo to life and they blast off on a daring mission to the moon. But the cosmos throws challenges their way. Asteroids threaten their path, forcing them to dodge and weave through the rocky field. Finally, they land on the moon's dusty surface, hearts thundering with excitement.

They explore the alien landscape, encountering a friendly robot castaway. With ingenuity and spare parts, Mio and Remo fix the robot and invite him to join them on their journey. There mission is no longer just about reaching the moon, but also about bringing a friend home.

This heartwarming story proves a vivid imagination and a cardboard box can take you anywhere you want to go!

About the

As an aspiring author-illustrator, Joseph Tadiar has embarked on a new adventure - children's literature. Inspired by his childhood curiosities of outer space and recently becoming a father,  Joseph is creating a whimsical world for his son through the characters of Mio and Remo.

His artistic background undoubtedly plays a role in crafting Remo's fantastical stories.  Whether it translates into the illustrations that bring the adventures to life or the vivid descriptions within the books, Joseph's artistic sensibilities promise to ignite young imaginations.

Joseph aims to create a series of children's books that not only entertain but also inspire curiosity and a love for exploration. This exciting new chapter for Joseph is sure to delight young readers and their families, taking them on journeys to distant galaxies and faraway worlds.

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